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Located in historic center of Loulé, our casa provide a peaceful, private retreat in the heart of one of the most authentic city of Algarve. We proudly offers a full range of complimentary amenities and services that provide you with everything you need for an inspiring stay.

Bon Appétit During Vacations and Trips

Experience exquisite cuisine from Algarve

The sea provides the fresh fish and seafood that are the main ingredients of Algarve cuisine. Add to this the fruit and vegetables whose flavours have been enriched by the sun, and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


All you need to know to ensure your trip is perfect.

Loulé and Algarve is the perfect place to take a break in couple or in family. Loulé is a popular destination that attracts visitors to its historic centre, lively markets and authentic Portuguese atmosphere.

Carnival, Festival, Events

Every year, the city organises a number of events and festivities, including the Loulé Carnival, the Nuits Blanches and the Festival Med… Loulé is a lively town full of joy, the perfect place to recharge your batteries and have a good time.

Beautiful nature

These cliffs face Africa, and Morocco in particular. They have been shaped over time by the waves and storms of the North Atlantic Ocean. They are now home to coves and exceptional natural sites such as the Benagil sea cave.

Historical heritage

Our fitness centre includes a fully equipped gym, yoga room and dance studio. Maintain your fitness routine during the trip over the stunning views of the city.

Local Tours & Activities

Discover Loulé

You are in a city where people are never bored. Immerse yourself in local art exhibitions, neighbourhood events, seasonal activities and numerous parks.

Arts & Culture
Exhibitions & Museum

Loulé is home to the ruins of a 12th and 13th century bathing complex. After two years of excavation and restoration work, the town council has just inaugurated the Municipal Museum of Arab Baths. At the time of the Arab occupation, the hammam was built close to the mosque to facilitate worship.

Jardim Dos Amuados

A small, lush garden that has existed since the late 19th century. It was given this name because of the position of the benches, placed back to back. This little haven of peace is said to have been built on the site of the town’s former cemetery. From the terrace at the back, you can see the roofs of Loulé.

Fresh food
Local Market

The Loulé market is the place to go every week to stock up on freshly caught fish, locally produced seasonal fruit and vegetables, cheese, bread, honey and charcuterie.